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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Newest PR Associate

Yipee! TEAM Cakesy is forging ahead and making a difference. As of today, we have almost $900 in pledges with our goal being two grand. I have faith that we will surpass that goal and garner even more pledges. It's still early in the game as the walk isn't until September but we do appreciate everyone who has pledged thus far. May you be blessed.

Lupus and I have been getting along fairly well as of late. Here it is 7 years into the game and I still don't know what I can do and what I can't. Lupus is terribly unpredictable. Some days I can wiggle my right thumb and other days it's as stiff as cardboard. Oh well, woe is me. As long as my third finger on each hand works, It's all good. ;)

Oh yeah. Great news alert!!! You are reading the blog of the newest Public Relations Associate (the only PR associate, mind you) of the Lupus Alliance of America's Michigan/Indiana chapter. Heyyy! Hoooo! I am so excited. I went in for a volunteer opportunity and came out with a part-time gig. I always wished to do public relations for an organization that supports lupus research and by golly, from my lips to God's ears. He made my dream a reality. I am absolutely thrilled. I knew God was going to get His glory in my struggle.

However, during your struggle, be a class act in all things because you may be the only glimpse of God and goodness that a person may ever encounter. Be sweet and be kind. Until...

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