Sharon - Living with Lupus

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lupus Fashion

As the designated fashonista of my crew, I'm always on the look out for cool clothing and accessories that represents my friends passions, personalities and interests. Today I decided to see if I could find some cute “lupus fashions” online. Check out these nice shirts! (you can click the image to purchase the shirt or see other designs)

finding a cure

warning bad flare day

say no to lupus take it down

my walk is personal cure lupus now

For those who are into jewelry and have a little extra dough to spend, check out this beautiful amethyst and diamond butterfly pendant I saw advertised on For each purchase, $60 will be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America – Illinois Chapter.


I would buy Sharon that pendant but I’ve never seen her wear silver. (That sounded like a better excuse than “I’m broke”). I would consider buying her the “Warning” t-shirt… but she might abuse her privileges and wear it on good days just so people won’t bother her and will treat her like a princess.


Cakesy said...

Thanks, BFF. You are so sweet! I will take one of each, please. You always manage to find the cutest things. I always find Lupus shirts that don't fit my personality but all of these work for me. Good Job! You are correct about me abusing my privileges with the "Bad Flare Day" shirt. I would wear it so much that I would wear holes into the armpits.

Cherish said...

See!!! I knew it!!! Oh, and I like this one too, but I forgot to post it... great for supporters!
it says:
Lupus is Hard.
Walking is Easy.
Unless You Have Lupus.
Then, Sometimes, Walking is Hard.
i don't have lupus.
i love someone with lupus.