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Monday, June 8, 2009

Laying the Foundation-One Brick at a Time

Well, the slave driver, oops, I mean Cherish woke me up this morning with exciting news. The Alliance for Lupus Research has named this blog as the blog to watch! Great news on such a dreary Monday morning. The slave driver, dang, I mean Cherish, then said it's time to add another blog entry. So being the lowly patient with no energy to fight back, I dusted off the laptop and here I am.

I am so pleased because since the inception of all things Lupus last week via the web, everything has been flowing smoothly. This blog has been recieved well and the Sharon's Face Vs. Lupus video is nothing short of amazing. When I viewed the video for the first time, I cried and cried. I had cried so much that I ended up being awake for 24 hours. Just up doing nothing in particular. I guess I was just so amazed that someone would take the time to put together so meaningful for little old me. ;)

On the other hand, fundraising is going wonderfully. TEAM Cakesy has amassed $600 in pledges for lupus research. Yeah! Take that lupus! And, like Puff Daddy, we won't stop. It seems like everyday I am connecting with someone else with lupus. I love it. We have to uphold and encourage one another. We know each others struggle and we know each other's pain. And that's why like Puff Daddy, we CAN'T stop. Until...

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