Sharon - Living with Lupus

Friday, October 30, 2009

Simply Beautiful

I love my job. Ask anybody.

I know that I am so fortunate that at 30 years old, I have a career and not a just a job. I may not wander into the office at 10:30 some mornings but hey, when I finally arrive, I get things done.

Within the past two days, my office made something hugely miraculous happen for one of our members. Now, I want to be clear, I had no part in this. I was at the spa. Yes, if lupus hasn't taught me anything it has taught me to take time for s-e-l-f. So my boss and colleague traveled to Indiana and presented the member and her parents with a trip to Sea World. It was always a dream of hers to swim with dolphins and the office made it happen. It's a beautiful thing to look forward to after doctor's have told her that there is nothing left that they can do for her. It's the least that we could do after doctors had informed her that although she has lupus, cancer has spread to 93% of her lymph nodes. It's a beautiful thing to be able to do something for someone that just allows them to throw up their hands with glee. It truly is beautiful.

Common people doing uncommon things...for others. Try it sometime.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Planning Time

Well we have reached $4,500 and counting. There is no recession in God's eyes as it applies to garnering help for people who are unable to speak and fight for themselves. Letting people suffer and die needlessly, the powers that be need to be ashamed.

This blog was designed to introduce and track the progress of TEAM Cakesy, so I thought. Little did I know it would become more than a site with a funny name. I was surprised to learn that the site was the first introduction that some had to lupus. I was thinking that I probably scared those poor folks to death. Ha! But hey, what else could I do but give it to people straight? Lupus is something that I deal with every minute of the day so I guess I would be the perfect candidate to write about it. A very small percentage, like 2% or less, are diagnosed with both discoid and systemic lupus, simultaneously. Leave it to me to have both. I always knew that I was special.

So now the plan is to start planning for next year's Lupus Walk. It is going to be on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at Metro Beach in Harrison Township, Michigan. This is the Lupus Alliance of America's Michigan Indiana Affiliate's walk and not the ALR walk. I actually work as a Public Relations Specialist for the Lupus Alliance but had committed to the ALR walk before I was offered a job. Of course, I would have loved for all of TEAM Cakesy's pledges to go to my organization but I was too far along in organizing for the ALR's walk to jump ship. It's all good though. Can't cry over spilled milk as my Aunt Joyce likes to say. Upward and onward, soldiers!