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Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost There

Well we are 3% or $60 from our $2,000 goal. So you know what that means?? Increase the goal! So with the walk being just over a month away, we have decided to make the goal $2,500. Therefore, if you still want to pledge, please feel free. I want to be able to up that $2,500 goal as well!

I am terribly busy trying to decide on a design and cool colors for TEAM Cakesy T-Shirts. I need to get busy because it's going to be walk time before I know it. Since a lot of folks are supporting this venture and have been so positive, I want them to have a keepsake, preferably a T-Shirt, with my big ole face on the front...and back. Just kidding. I'm sure Cherish would go through the T-Shirt box with a permanent marker and draw devil horns and moustaches on every single shirt!

My mother has good intentions when she hounds me about getting this endeavor accomplished. I think she is afraid that I would resort to going to the dollar store and buying wife beaters and scrawling TEAM Cakesy on the front with a purple crayon. She really should know me better than that. TEAM Cakesy will be the prettiest Belles at the Ball and you'd better get on board!


Cherish said...

Too bad we didn't give you editing rights for your own team page!! Haha!! I bumped it up to $3000 so get to work!!

Cherish said...

Oh, and no pics of your face, unless mine is on there too!! *cheese* oh wait, this isn't about me, huh?? LOL