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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Have to Keep on Movin'

We did it!

We have reached our $2,000 goal...and passed it! Go us! See what teamwork can produce. I asked Cherish to up the goal to $2,500 but she took it upon herself to make the goal $3,000. Then she had the nerve to tell me to get busy. The nerve...;) I am busy enough but we have to keep on movin'!

I do not like to go so long in between posts. I wouldn't want readers to think that I have abandoned the blog. Life just gets busy. I don't mind busy as long as busy equates to productive.

Speaking of productivity, I participated in a conference call yesterday with folks from the Alliance for Lupus Research. We went over what we needed for the walk and what we already had. From my understanding, we have a whole lotta water meaning no one will be dehydrated that day. My cousin Rodney has agreed to be the DJ and emcee for the day. My uncle Tony, a retired police officer, will serve as security. My mom and my aunt Rosa are planning to man the registration table. My aunts Joyce and Deb are going to walk along with my numerous cousins. How fortunate am I that my family isn't only financially helping with TEAM Cakesy but they are also lending their time. How fortunate I am.

As I listened in on the phone conference, I learned that some participants are driving in from cities two hours away. Now that's commitment. I hate driving to the corner store and so driving two hours -to walk- is out of the question. Their commitment though just shows how important lupus is to people. It just shows that folks what it to be erased just as I do. So that's why I continue to fight. And that's why we continue the fight. And hopefully you will fight this thing with us. It's not to late. There is walk and pledge information along the side of this page. Hope to see you on the 19th!


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