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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Getting Excited!!!

The Walk is less than two months away and I am excited. I don't usually get overjoyed with walks (i.e. physical exercise) but because this walk benefits all of us dealing with lupus, I am amped.

The Alliance for Lupus Research often sends out periodic bulletins with various updates. The most recent periodical asked readers to respond to "Why I will walk for the ALR in September" and once again Cherish was all over it while I was still trying to figure out how not to swallow the pits in my Rainer cherries. Here's her published submission...

Dwight (the Regional Fundraiser Chairperson),

My best friend Sharon Harris (affectionately referred to as "Cakesy") was diagnosed with lupus at the height of what should have been our "fun years". We were preparing for our final year of college and looking forward to all the goals and dreams we'd planned since we first became friends at the age of 5.

Here we are 25 years after we met, and those dreams and goals have changed but for a number of reasons, but we are determined to not let Lupus be a significant one going forward! As I have watched Sharon battle her flare-ups over the years, sometimes openly, other times in secret, I used to deal with it by simply praying she'd be OK and acting (much like she did) as if nothing was wrong when she was around. Well now, its effect on her life has been a huge reality for all of us close to her, and we recognize that the only way to jump the hurdle is to face it dead on. She has more than enough strength to do it herself, but we'd never leave her alone to fight this battle.

When our other friend April suggested we participate in the walk, we did what the three of us normally do when put our minds together - we tried to do it as BIG as we can! We started our blog to raise awareness about Lupus and provide information to our friends and family, while also using it as a way to encourage people to join us or donate. Its been a huge hit among our friends, families and even strangers!

We are all very excited about the upcoming walk. And to answer your question, the reason I am walking is so my best friend... the Oprah to my Gail... the sister I never had... will be reminded, yet again, that she'll never be alone in this fight.

I'm looking forward to September!

Cherish Samuels

If I didn't know better I would've thought this girl wanted a kidney.

See you all September 19, 2009.


Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings.....great entry....hope you are well. Wow I've read Sharon's story...mercy she is strong. YOu know this may sound incredulous but its true, not many know about LUPUS, what it does and it's effects & affects. I hear people say "I have lupus" and don't really get it, so little is said on a grand scale about his disease. We hear of breast Cancer, Ovrian Cancer, Diabetes, High blood pressure but Lupus is almost like a whisper in comparison, a sparatic mention here or there. Until today I hadn't known the magnitude of how it impacts one's life.

Perhaps you can do a blog on MSN breaking it down, what it is, what it affects and how, in simple layman terms. What are the symptoms? I know i sound naieve and I can probable google it though sometimes the clinicalness of the writting sometimes water down the powerful impacts. Give it to me from your prespective. The "I" vision is always powerful.

Thank you for sharing, I almost feel ashamed for not knowing because as I sit here I am remembering an aqaintance of mind telling me she has LUPUS, now am thinking....Good Lord!

Have a good week

Cherish said...

Thanks so much for checking out this blog! You made a good point, and in our efforts to spread the word, I should definitely post some info on the MSN blog too! I think the best description I've ever heard Sharon use of how she feels when she's having a Lupus flare, is that is feels as if World War III is underway inside her body. I'll let you know when I can get it posted on MSN Spaces!!

Cakesy said...

Rhapsody B, thanks for checking us out. I am going to compose a little something about lupus for Cherish to post on MSN.
Don't beat up on yourself too much for not being more aware about lupus. It's a big problem that so many people know so little about. It's all about education and awareness. Blessings to you my friend!!