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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orange and Purple

Lupus is a lucky disease being that it is represented by two colors, orange and purple. I love the orange because it is one half of my alma mater's colors. I like purple because it is the color of royalty. Lucky for me that I have gel bracelets in both colors and I sport the one that represents the mood that I am feeling on that particular day.

The Lupus Alliance local chapter that I work for and the national office use the orange bracelets. They read 'Life Without Lupus'. All of the money collected goes towards research.

The Lupus Foundation of America use purple ones that read 'Someone You Know Has Lupus'. All money raised from these bracelets going towards lupus education and awareness. Former Los Angeles Lakers Vlade Divac and Caron Butler would wear the gel bracelets. Could it have been because their team colors were purple and gold?? Whatever their reason, vanity or otherwise, I am just glad they had the bracelets dangling from their wrists.

So anytime you see purple or orange, pray for me and the other 16,000 new folks who will contract it this year. Our lives depend on it.

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Godsverybest said...

Do you have a link to order bracelets?