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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We have met our financial goal...and passed it. Go us!

I am in Somerset, Pennsylvania taking on the habits of an insomniac. It's the wee hours of the morning and I am in the hotel lobby, wide awake, listening to Aretha Franklin and typing. Blame Whitney Houston for my condition.

She was asked by Oprah Winfrey whether she thought she would ever rise above her tumultuous situations. She replied, "my mama said I wasn't built to break." She then looked at the audience and said, "because of your love, I was not built to break." A tear trickled down my cheek. She didn't say anything that I hadn't heard before but her words seemed so prolific to me. It's as if at that moment, I got it. I got it more than I had ever gotten it before. And since I "had gotten it", I slid into my slippers and threw my Detroit Pistons blanket over my pajama-ed shoulders and made my way to the computer lab. My spirit just needed to tell you thank you. Thank you for your love. Thank you for not letting me break.

All of this comes on the hills of a Washington, D.C. Capital Hill trip that concluded earlier today. I was one of about 30 lobbyists that stormed the Hill lobbying for more funding for lupus research. In my mind we were successful but we will see when the fiscal budget for next year rolls around.

I am eternally grateful for your love, understanding and your willingness to support. In this "recession" we've raised over $3,000 and counting. There must be a God somewhere. Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

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